Temple Bar Talks

An engaging and stimulating programme of talks about diverse subjects concerning the built environment covering architecture, planning, transport, history, art and economics in the City of London aimed at visitors, the City community, young people and built environment professionals.

Forthcoming Talks

Below are talks which are being planned for early 2023.  Keep an eye out for when details are released.
20 March : A joint talk by Graham Haworth, Haworth Tompkins; Luke Tozer, Pitman Tozer; and David Lyndon, Lyndon Goode, discussing the joint venture project of Fish Island Village where all three practices have designed individual blocks and the masterplan representing their combined inputs.


Engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge and a delivery that made you feel you were being talked to rather than lectured at. Really good .

Previous attendee of Alison Woolard Talk

Overall – excellent lecture – the graphics and photographs which were also excellent

Previous attendee of Pat Langford Talk

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