Temple Bar works with educational organisations, schools and colleges to encourage interest in the built environment, creating greater diversity in the industry through mentoring.

Schools, colleges and educational organisations are invited to contact Grant Smith, Education and Outreach Officer about visits, workshops, or walks and talks aimed at student audiences. Programmes focus on the understanding of buildings, of the architecture and development of the City of London, architecture and the built environment as a career with a particular focus on how students from diverse backgrounds can access jobs in the industry. The programme is supported by members of the Architects’ Company who can provide mentoring to those in tertiary courses.

The Trust offers discounted space to learning managers in the City and work with the City Centre Learning Programme youth course to provide workshops for local school children. 

Wren300 School Programme

On Mondays and Fridays as part of our schools outreach programme we introduce Christopher Wren and tell his story.

How did he become the architect of the new city and the magnificent St Paul’s? The children will visit Wren’s buildings, experiment with the scientific instruments he used (microscopes etc) and then design their own towers with quill pens and building blocks. 

We walk the streets where the Fire raged and tell the story of its spread, the destruction of London, and how it enabled Wren to transform the City. We look at St Paul’s Cathedral and go inside St Vedast where pupils will dress up. We also go up to a roof terrace, for a fabulous view of the skyline of London. We count the spires and towers we can still see and discuss the geometric shapes of Wren’s architecture. 

All this with a wonderful story of Wren’s life and even a chance to dress up! 

Day’s Programme

10:00:              Arrival
10:30–12:00:  Workshop activities
12:00–12:30:  Lunch
12:30–14:00   Guided walks and visits


*please note you will be taken to the Square Mile Churches website to make your booking

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